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"DEFCON - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - June 22, 2017

Received via email at 9:17 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles DEFense readiness CONdition (DEFCON) is an alert state an used by the ...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

"DEFCON - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - June 22, 2017

Received via email at 9:17 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

DEFense readiness CONdition (DEFCON) is an alert state an used by the United States of America Armed Forces.

The DEFCON system was developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and unified by special combatant commands.

DEFCON prescribes five graduated levels of readiness (or states of alert) for the U.S. military.

It increases in severity from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe) to match varying military situations.

On Wednesday there were multiple threats inside the US Capital campus. That's lowered the DEFCON level to one.

The military is not sharing this information publicly.

All threats were disarmed, but all government facilities are now being checked and re-checked for similar threats.

There was an entirely different threat on Tuesday night, in space with NEMPs, and was technically off the DEFCON chart stats (1-5 as pictured above).

It was defused but it was cause for delay.

There's great progress related to the RV, but there's also a specific process Obama wants to apply in the releasing of the RV and safety is paramount to it.

I know people are very frustrated today, and I know there's a seemingly an endless list of threats and excuses.

But we are truly on a day by day countdown now, and thus so very close to receiving our blessing after years and years of waiting.

Do try and remain patient. Stay in gratitude at all costs. Irrationally so.

God is with us.

"Re: RT's Few Quick Thoughts" by Whoof - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Whoof at 11:07 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"A Few Quick Thoughts on the Status Report" by RT - 6.22.17

RT sir you are absolutely completely correct that posting the names of alleged assassins and or cabal people on this site is not going to stop those wanting to assassinate Richard.

Last time cabal were posted it caused an uproar. Why repeat it. You might as well post John Boehner. Remember him? Wasn't he or is Cabal? Remember he was replaced by Paul Ryan and the Chinese and Russians couldn't have picked a more suitable man, real man, a true Patriot not like the one in there now acting like a man that doesn't shave. I've seen the 5 o'clock shadow on Paul Ryan Mr. President. Hooyah

Richard, if you claim 40 assassins were in your yard, did anyone like neighbors call the police? Did SWAT come? Did ambulances come? Did the County Coroner come. Was the area taped off. That's a lot of dead bodies and a big deal. Did the news crew show. Was there any news on TV? Was there a police report?

You can't expect people to just accept your story carte blanche without some evidence. Any CC videos or smart phone videos with all the police cars, ambulances, SWAT, Fire Rescue, all the emergency lights flashing onlookers or witnesses. Give us some evidence that this occurred before you threaten Patrick and ole Gary Larrabee with complicity by not posting these alleged perpetrators and Gary being against it. Maybe the Galactic's have video.


Guest Posts In Support of Richard/One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Arranged: Top to Bottom | Newest to Oldest

Entry Submitted by ParaPlanePilot at 11:01 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Our Dear Teacher And Helper, One Who Knows, Is in need of our support, and If He's asking, I'm Giving. Dear Brothers and Sisters..., these Gifts in Men, these Master Light Workers, these Fearless Teachers Of Love And Peace, are an irreplaceable Treasure for our continued spiritual development. He is ONE who's efforts on our behalf greatly ASSIST US in being Mentally and Spiritually READY for our most blessed privilege ahead of being TRUSTED Distributors of Unlimited Abundance to Mankind. If we are to remain ready for the Blessings Ahead for us, Courage, Outspokenness, and LOYALTY to One who has revealed the aura of his Heart Chakra through his Words, (his Throat Chakra), and has consistently Taught Only Encouragement with words from a LOVING HEART, then OUR SUPPORT will remain Steadfast !!!

Remember, for all you Bible readers, The Archangel Michael is described in the account of the War In Heaven in Revelation, as a MIGHTY WARRIOR with a MIGHTY SWORD, slaying ALL in Opposition To Our Creators Blessings For Mankind, and is VICTORIOUS !!!

That spiritual WAR, in heaven and Earth is RIGHT NOW IN YOUR FACE !

STAND With Me As I Stand With One Who Knows, Richard Lee McKim Jr. !!!

by ParaPlanePilot

Entry Submitted by TJ at 10:56 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear OWK,

Thank you for risking your life to identify and take a stand against the cabal. They (attempt to) assassinate those they cannot control. Your bravery will save so many innocent people.
Standing with you and praying for your safety and success.

Entry Submitted by TJ at 10:52 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I absolutely support Richard!

This censoring of him calling out the evil ones and keeping us from knowing the Truth is nonsense!

I, for one, want the Truth!

I desperately want Full Disclosure - publicly!

It is time to awaken the masses and put an end to this illusory madness!

Though I am grateful that I am one of the awakened, my consciousness is still limited.

I read IDC daily, hourly looking for posts from Richard & Yosef & any posts from the Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy.

I am ready for this "game" on Earth to end! And for the Truth to be disclosed!

It is difficult to stay positive and hold high vibrations with this constant "everything is done, any hour now" and then days pass and we just keep waiting. But I will not falter! I Am a Lightworker! I stand and hold steady to bring peace and joy to our planet - Love and Truth to our humanity!

Richard is here for a special purpose! Let him do the work he came here to do! Let him disclose the Truth!

Thank you, Richard! and Yosef! for shining your light on what's really happening out there! You are supported and appreciated more than you know!

Thank you to the Galactic Federation and the entire Company of Heaven for all you're doing and all that you've done! You are Loved and Welcomed beyond measure!

Please make all public announcements soon so that we can stand and live in our Truth!

All my Love & Support, TJ

Entry Submitted by Bogumil at 10:48 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Hello Brothers and sisters

I would like to add my voice in the support of Richard/OWK and his detemination to rid this site of trolls and minions. If OWK needs to name a name it would be in all our interests not to hamper him.

I have been missing some of his posts recently which also means missing out on the latest uplifting and groundbreaking news. This is in spite of fairly regularly checking the site throughout the day on a day to day basis.

Maybe a troll/minion tactic is to quickly barrage the site with multiple posts, in order to push a post that they don't want the rest of us to read, back out into cyberspace.

However I also take the view that any cabal derived troll/minion post, even the 'butter doesn't melt in my mouth' type, can be considered as a criminal assault on both our individual and collective persons and ask the NPTB to treat is as such.

Love and Blessings


Entry Submitted by Supporter of OWK at 10:42 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I stand with you OWK in getting rid of the cabal and letting us know the truth. Keep up the good work.

Patrick make sure you let the truth be told on the website.

Supporter of OWK

Entry Submitted by DomNag at 10:39 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear IDC Community,

I have treasured Yosef and Richard and this entire website for all the knowledge and guidance that everyone has so wonderfully offered. I've been in this dinar/zim opportunity for several years now and have felt that the forces opposing this gift to humanity monitored and took action against the people using these websites. A lot of gurus and supposed gurus have come and gone but Yosef's and OWK's determination and relentless uplifting spiritual vision always helped to sustain me. Normally in the human justice arena you don't make accusations everything is "alleged" until adjudicated. Slander and libel are real, and the dark forces have used them against truth seekers since time immemorial. But Standup Guy made the very important point that OWK brings us what has been backed and supported by his Sources and the Galactics. I trust that more implicitly that anything in the human realm. He knows the meaning of "do no harm" so if he is calling out those who are working against him and us, he should be allowed to do so. After all it is not the court of human justice or the court of public opinion it is the court of Divine Justice that we are in and I will side with Divine Justice everytime. I hope the censors of OWK's posts realize just what court we are in as well.

Best Wishes to All,


Entry Submitted by Leo at 10:37 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

This is my vote to support Richard on his endeavor to name the Cabal by their names, some of them keep saying that they are not cabal and keep showing their faces out there attempting to deceive us.

I thank OWK for his important contribution to the light, I also pray for his protection and wish he is permitted to continues his work.

Best Regards


"Call out the Evil" by GoldDragonStar - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by GoldDragonStar at 10:45 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters of the Light, we have situation that needs Us ALL to stand up and say what is right. Richard aka (One Who Knows) has logged a huge amount of Time and Effort everyday to educate and help ALL of Us and has asked for nothing in return. His insights and understanding of how Our way of life in service to the Light has alone raised the Vibration of the Planet and everything on it. Key word here is 'In Service'!! What do you think the 6th dimension is all about!?? You all chose to be the Ones to bring in and anchor the Light at this very crucial time in Our Planets history. To be the Rainbow Warriors, to be the Bringers of the Dawn!! To stand and be the Pillars of Light shinning so bright that many could find their way out of the Darkness We have found Ourselves mired in. Each of Us have raised Our Light in many different ways, for Richard one of His ways was to help many with a His words. If You have been reading these pages, stories, Intel, sitreps whatever, You understand that a key cog in the wheel is One Who Knows. If I were in His shoes at this point and time, I'd be pissed that I have been blocked in Naming those that have sent few kill squads to end my life. So Yes Richard should definitely have every right to call out his killers. They may not be the person physically squeezing the trigger. No they are the master mind behind the guy that pulls the trigger, same thing from where I come from.

One Who Knows has been up front and honest from day one. Anyone with half a feeling of their heart knows who and what Richard is. He is not going to call out someone just for shits and giggles!! Having been targeted over 60 times and your Son killed to boot. Crap guys what are you thinking? Gary, anyone that has seen your U-tube Vids obviously understands that your a God Loving Man. You have had Richard on your vids a few times. So what gives? All of a sudden One Who Knows is someone that you don't trust anymore? What!! ? You have been given a task from source to bring people out of the dark and into the light just like Richard. So ask yourself Why are you turning on Richard for? Richard is working with extremely high individuals of the Light, just like you. I don't understand why you would be putting up road blocks? Maybe it's time for some inner reflection on this topic, my Brother, in my humble opinion?!

Patrick, dude I mean what can anyone say? Without you and your dedication to this site We are still all in the dark. More than half of Us have no idea about any of this, PERIOD! So to You Thank You just isn't enough. This site is something very special and will be remembered for a very long time. The Bright beaming Light has attracted many beings on and off of the Planet. Think for a second on that Patrick. You have literally brought Gods to speak and listen to all the postings throughput the years! How cool is that!? Yes, of course because of this very site, many of Us paying attention have discovered that We (Human Race) are just that, Gods/Goddess! Thank You Zorra for that, of course! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, receive (I received) that you are GODS/GODDESS!! Patrick, a lot of people would not have been able to get to see and hear about hollow Earth. Mind you many might have a hard time with this concept, but at least a seed has been planted for things to come in our very near future.

Anyway I guess what I'm saying is without the ability to see and hear things from this site the world may have been still in a little darker space. And in my humble opinion Richard is having people trying to end His life. He should have the right to post the name of the people that are responsible. And just because you may think that OWK's sources may not exist. Well put it this way, without this Website many would not know about the Cabal, RV/GCR, NESARA/GESARA, the Republic, ZIM, Dinar and the list goes on. There has to be a time when the line in the sand HAS to be drawn with the understanding that certain things should not cross. Patrick is one of those things really the names of individuals that are trying to take the life of a very respected individual of this family? The family that you are a key member of creating? I get it normal families have lots of things they don't see eye to eye on. BUT an attempt on one of your Brothers life, really?I guess that's where I would certainly make sure someone gets called out? Who's to say that person doesn't try a kill someone else of this family? Remember this has been a long game. It's really time to end it and let the 1000 years of the Golden age to start!! Say it loud and proud..........FREEDOM!!!

In Light and Love


"Response to Yosef's Trump Hate Post" by Reallucky1 - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 10:36 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

JUST IN: Over 5.7 MILLION People Voted Illegally In Election TRUMP WAS RIGHT and Dems Had to...


Really tired of you bashing our President, I voted for him and I support him. I am going to post many links, that will show you Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote as you have mentioned. There were 5.7 Million illegal votes, who by law, regardless of what ex Pres Obama told them they could do. In addition to the illegal votes, 2.3 Million votes were from dead voters. So that takes 8 Million votes off her total, and gives President Trump the electoral as well as the popular vote win. Regardless of your opinion, or the liberal rag newspages, he is a popular President and the polling numbers are completely wrong. He is hanging right at 50%, regardless of your radical liberal ways, they will never impeach nor remove this President, because of the sheer volumn of numbers voting on his side.

So for all of you that agree with Yosef, its the anti American way. We have a diplomatic process in this country, the majority of the country that voted for President Trump, love what he is doing, and love that he is draining the swamp. I have followed this geopolitical site for many years, and while we love the Intel, if we do not stand up to people that try and sway our minds, when we know what is right, we are just as guilty as the bashers. I want you to grow a set, quit bashing and calling the President horrible names. It is not only not necessary, it is beyond healthy.

People do not want nor need your opinion about the President, the RV/GCR will go on with or without this constant slamming, its just not necessary, nor wanted. I hated President Obama, when he sent the ransom to Iran, a clear policy that we do not allow in this country, it pissed me off beyond words. But I sucked it up, and did not go out and rag on him, nor post that his dumb ass, was ruining this country. The reason this country is so desperate for help, is the liberal idiots, that go to there safe spaces, and do not allow people to use their first amendment right of free speech at college campuses. Whether we agree or disagree, these rights are for a very sound reason, and regardless of how I personally feel, they have a right to speak. Its the liberal colleges, and the mindsets that have brought this country to an unsafe agenda. Our men are not men anymore, they have become more feminine, and more confused. Whether its the GMOs that were put in our food, or the liberal professors, between the mindset and the staring into there cell phones and electronic devices, we have become a true zombie nation. Tired of people, that allow others to influence their minds, with their own agendas. I support and love President Trump, and feel he is the best President of my lifetime. Whether you agree or not, is not important, but I will not stand by and watch you continually bash, without fighting back or stating my side.

Our government has been out of control, between the 9/11 and the subsequent false flags, all done by my own government, I am tired of sitting idly by and watching. We live in a police state nation, controlled completely by donors, lobbyists and SuperPacs. This was the main reason I supported our President, to fight the Deep State, and the cabal and to get this country out of the swamp. These false flags, were done to keep us in check. Now we must be completely scanned, shoes removed, and patted down when we fly, because this was done by design. We are no longer a free country, we are a police state nation. This and many more reasons, is why I support this President. The entire Trump family has class, something we have not seen to this capacity since the Kennedy's.

Your extreme hatred, tells me you seriously, need to get over the election we are going into the 9 months since the election, and I never kept my hatred going for more than a few weeks. The President has little control over the nation due to our Deep State and Industrial Military Complex. I am proud my President is fighting this insanity, that our nation is run by a bunch of militarized puppets for the elites. Not since JFK have we had a President fighting the shadow governments like this. So either you are on the side of the Deep State and war mongers, or you are on the side of freedom and taking our nation back. You can not have it both ways. Just want you to know, that people do not feel the way you feel, and your continual words, will never change my opinions. I quit voting long ago, until President Trump. I feel his family and his businesses, are the classiest we have had to date. I am proud of them and the things they are doing, regardless of your opinions.

My opinions are not dependent on the RV, as I will be able to cash my currency, regardless of my feeling about the President or how you feel about him. I also feel Russia and China, would never set up our country to have a civil war, and therefore they will not remove the President publicly before the roll out. After all, we have these trade sanctions you mention, and the US will experience harsh penalties if we do not get this RV going. Its to make the country and the new currencies international, and not create a civil war. So for the record, your opinions and my exchanging of currency, is not dependent on how I feel about our President. No money will ever replace my opinions about people. You stated that Rex Tillerson and Ben Carson have no experience, I beg to differ. Rex Tillerson has worked with all these nations, with his Exxon Mobile career, and he is a welcome change to John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Ben Carson has a vast amount of knowledge, and wants to get the HUD agencies going into a different direction. If you can not see that a successful businessman like President Trump, is making big changes to our government and using his expertise to get us to be lean and mean, then I can not help you.

I guess unless they are stealing and robbing this nation blind, or selling off our Uranium to Russia, as Hillary Clinton did, she sold 20% of our Natural Resources, without permission, she just made the sell. Has there been any type of prosecution or an Oversight Committee meeting against her? Silence, like crickets. Her use of a private email server, not only put our country and military at risk, has she been prosecuted for these crimes? The main reason James Comey is out of a job. The hypocricy of all Democrats, to overlook someone that smashes her servers with hammers and bleachbit, even when classified information cost American lives. The equal justice under the law, unless AG Lynch, has sold out then its to be overlooked, but slam down on President Trump, when no evidence has been found of his collusion. So sick and tired, of the constant, look at Trump, but leave Hillary alone, she is old and sick. Give me a break mentality, the woman is a criminal, and I thank God every single day that the country did not put her in office. Not only would the RV not be rolling out, it would be business as usual for the Deep State. When Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on the airplane tarmac, she should have stepped down immediately. No it was business as usual once again. So now you think the country will just watch as they remove the only President of my lifetime that has made a dent in our corrupt government, good luck with all that.

You either support the criminals that have been running our government, or you are going to give this President a chance. He has only been in office for five months, your extreme hate is nothing but a self inflicted wound, that could be handled in a different manner. Like we have to file lawsuits, and wait until they make it to court, I suggest you do the same. People in general do not want your negative opinions about the President, we only want the Intel for the RV, not opinions. No true Republican is a fan of Paul Ryan, he is merely the Russia and Chinese choice, he could not win a true election, or they would have tried that route. The main reason President Trump got in the race, he was able to reach out to a large majority of the population. President Trump got more votes than any candidate in history. For the final time, Hillary did not win the popular votes, because in America, illegals and dead people are not allowed to vote. Get over it, and get ready to see the vast changes coming to America. I went and searched for the Camp David record to see if the President had turned in a resignation, you can not get this information, so they will never come out and publicly state that he has been removed. They will start a civil war, and create more problems than they want with the delicate nature of the RV/GCR. So get a grip and get ready to see the President announce ISIS liberation tomorrow, so we can get this ball rolling.


Over 40 Illegals Arrested For Trying to Vote in California


3 Million Illegal Aliens Voted In Presidential Election

Trump Poll Numbers Surge

Gallup Launches Fake Poll Numbers Against Trump Just Like During The Election



"Richard OWK & My Armchair Lightworker Perspective" by Finally There - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Finally There at 10:36 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Richard you are beloved here sir. Your warmth and love for us all is unquestionable. Your commitment to this cause is not only brave and valiant but it seems your own life is being put in jeopardy. I do not question your good heart and pure intentions in the least, I honor you sir for your sacrifice and your candor. Which brings me to my point... yes call them out, yes be true to yourself and your mission, but my brother do not allow them to hijack your emotions.

This is so easily said by an armchair lightworker like myself. My life does not hang in the balance, I do not have the knowledge the foresight or the wisdom you display yet, I am still a humble traveler on this journey like so many other lightworker here. We hold the vision, the hope.. albeit from our armchairs. You speak so eloquently and with pure intent and bring that hope and joy to all of those that read your words and help us keep that light lit ourselves, however your frustration and anger at the cabal and those trying to harm you is becoming more apparent as your frustrations bleed through into your beautiful words.

Do not give them the energy my good man, do not let them have any control over you. That which we focus on expands. That which we put energy into grows. YES call them out, YES do all in your power to get truth and justice served to them but do not give them the pleasure of your attention too much. We need them to go down and we all hold light for a new world that we can create together without them. But we cannot forget they are us and we are them. We are all one being wrestling with duality so we can realize there is only love. We must correct and we must forgive and we must focus on the highest good, this you know as you have been doing this so brilliantly for us.

You deserve to be free of the cabal, we all do. So much will be changing soon and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you continue to do in this mission of ours. I struggle to see you suffer brother, I see you wrestling your emotions and trying to convince us of your intent and reasoning. We love and honor you and know that speaking for myself here I know your heart is true and your intent is just.

You do not need to convince me of the need to call them out and take them down, you need only give me the facts of their demise. Inform us of our victories and do not give them one ounce more of your energies than you need too my brother.

You are loved, we are loved, even the cabal are loved... and it's killing them hahaha. Thank you Richard

Finally There

"Help Us Help You" by Cinemo Galactic - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Cinemo Galactic at 10:33 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Do you really want support, Richard?

Then tell all your higher connections to let this blessing be released. Because right now I’m completely helpless to help you.

How long must this drag on?

We can send all the soft and warm rainbow messages to you for eternity, but in the end, if we can’t put action behind our compassion, then nothing will change.

I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in the game. This long line on the bench, like many of us, has me beyond the gaze of the Great Coach. He can’t even see me.

But you, Richard, have access to the Coach unlike the rest of us. And this is why you’ve been targeted for a long time by the cabal. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m a man of action and fortitude just hoping for chance.

I’m sick and tired of being relegated to posting on blogsites. I can do so much more, just as I know everyone in this community can.


So, Richard…help us help you. Tell them to release it and finally let the Sons Of Light and Daughters Of God turn the tide of the battle and take their rightful place in the Cosmos.

Cinemo Galactic

Gaia Chosen One: Dinarland Status Report Update 2

Gaia Chosen One - Dinarland Status Report Update 2

I Gaia Chosen One here to support you in love and light.

Submission by Gaia Chosen One

"Matthew 16:23" - GCR/RV Biblical Quote(s) - 6.22.17

Jesus called out evil when he saw it - Should we not do the same? I back OWK!!!

Matthew 16:23

Jesus turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns."

"War, What is it Good for" - RV Thought - 6.22.17


RV Humor (As We Accept) - 6.22.17

"RV Stress Curve" DC Community Humor
by Shaken well Stirred

"This Time Done Means Done" - Thurs. AM TNT Thoughts/News


the mosque was ISIS last stand. There are a few terrorist left in Mosul but the city is now liberated. There is a full liberation and it will be announced soon. The battle for Mosul is done

SOOOOO, if ISIS blew up their last stronghold, then what is left????

Chapo, the announcment and the RV

he word Done......?? brings on a new meaning is this venture.... we've been hearing done since last September.

gtc, I think this time done means DONE

Alsumaria News / Baghdad returned Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, Wednesday, to Baghdad, after the conclusion of his regional tour. Abadi, visited three countries, namely Saudi Arabia and then Iran and then Kuwait….. Regular meeting convenes Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi

AP News Update: IS militants destroy 12th century mosque in Iraq's Mosul

Battle for Mosul : Destruction of al - Nuri mosque shows "IS Defeated"

As many times as we thought the R.V. would happen, apparently so did the Iraq Government.

Newspaper reports revealed 184 official holiday days in 2016, meaning that Iraqis spent half a year on vacation, the highest rate recorded by a country in the world so far

This comes at a time when Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Iraq pays salaries to 4 million employees, who make up about 20 per cent of the workforce in the country, which has a population of about 36 million.

For his part, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi, the Iraqi body is one of the largest functional objects in the world.

The figures indicate that the leaves cost the state about $ 3 billion annually

Iraq market stopped its activities for a period of 5 day

Economy News _ Baghdad:

Iraq Stock Exchange announced on Thursday for stopping its activities for a period of 5 days on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

He said the market in a statement, "Economy News" received a copy of it, "Due to the proximity of Eid al-Fitr, the Board of Governors has decided not to organize trading sessions for days from June 25 until June 29 to be encountered Eid al-Fitr holiday."

He added that the market "first trading session in the Iraq Stock Exchange will be after the Eid al-Fitr and starting on Sunday, a brief summary of the second of August 2014".

The Iraq Stock Exchange was established in June 2004 and was approved by the manual trading, and in April 2009 electronic trading adopted partially by some companies, and began trading electronically registered companies in which the year 2010, and traded on the market 101, a subsidiary of the eight sectors are banking, industrial, hotel, tourism, agricultural, investment, and insurance, in addition to communications. link

"25th to 30th" - Last Night's KTFA Thoughts/News


VSDK » June 21st, 2017

Livestream is tricked me! Only the last 30 mins of the call ( wed. night CC) got saved on livestream. I got late to the call & the 1st part which I missed is missing, given that there are no notes, would anybody be kind to share what was said on that 3/4ths of the call?

Abundantlyblessed » June 21st, 2017

Draw a wheel. Now imagine each bike spoke represents a HUGE event taking place from the 25th to the 30th.

Things like: EID, announcement of Mosul, UN escrow funds, Iraq stock market closed, double auctions etc.

Now imagine all the spokes colliding in the center causing ONE BIG FIREWORK display.

THE END. Lol (Did I do good Frank?)


KTFA Wednesday Night Conference Call

Approx. 2:30 long

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#


Apmcrx » June 21st, 2017

Ok finally I found the SS (spread sheet) showing the .94 So now I have one qt about it. The rate showed for 2002 was 3.31 then 2003 was .29 and from 2004 to June 2017 the rate fluctuates from .84 the min and 1.49 the question is... all these years the value has been there from what I noticed, so we just have to wait for the removal of Iraq's restrictions to return to the former glory of +/- 3 with the LD's as it was before?

Don961 » June 21st, 2017

Abadi: the bombing of a lighthouse humpback official announcement to defeat Daesh

Thursday June 22, 2017 00:55

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

, said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , Wednesday that the bombing "Daesh" beacon of humpback is the official announcement of the defeat of the organization.

Ebadi said in a brief statement released by his press office received Alsumaria News, a copy of the "bombing of the lighthouse Daesh humpback collector Nouri is the official announcement of the defeat of the organization."

The leadership of the coming operations , O Nineveh , announced earlier Wednesday, for the organization of "Daesh" bombing of Al - Nouri mosque and the minaret of a humpback in the right coast of the city of Mosul , describing it as "historical crime."

Peggy68 » June 21st, 2017

Iran Proposes Visa-Free Regime with Iraq, Trade in Own Currencies

June 21, 2017 in Iraq Banking & Finance News, Iraq Industry & Trade News

Iran’s first vice-president put forward a proposal to lift visa requirements for the Iranian and Iraqi travelers, and also called for trade exchanges between the two countries using their own currencies, namely rial and dinar.

Addressing a meeting of high-ranking delegations from Iran and Iraq, attended by the visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and held in Tehran on Tuesday, Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri called for the expansion of banking cooperation between the two neighbors by removing the trade obstacles.

To that end, he proposed, Iran and Iraq can begin to trade using their national currencies.

Jahangiri then noted that the political, economic and security cooperation between Iran and Iraq has reached such a high level that they need to formulate a “comprehensive document on trade and economic cooperation.”

The vice president also pointed to the huge number of Iranian pilgrims traveling to Iraq every year, suggesting that Tehran and Baghdad should sign an agreement to lift the visa restrictions.

For his part, the visiting Iraqi prime minister voiced Baghdad’s readiness to boost relations with Tehran in all fields.

Iraq and Iran are in the same front in the fight against terrorism, Abadi added, saying the Takfiri terrorist groups in the Arab country are on the brink of destruction.

Heading a delegation, Abadi arrived in Tehran on Tuesday and held meetings with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Samson » June 21st, 2017

Iraq market stopped its activities for a period of 5 days

22/06/2017 - 12:12

Iraq Stock Exchange announced on Thursday for stopping its activities for a period of 5 days on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

He said the market in a statement, "Economy News" received a copy of it, "Due to the proximity of Eid al-Fitr, the Board of Governors has decided not to organize trading sessions for days from June 25 until June 29 to be encountered Eid al-Fitr holiday."

He added that the market "first trading session in the Iraq Stock Exchange will be after the Eid al-Fitr and starting on Sunday, a brief summary of the second of August 2014".

The Iraq Stock Exchange was established in June 2004 and was approved by the manual trading, and in April 2009 electronic trading adopted partially by some companies, and began trading electronically registered companies in which the year 2010, and traded on the market 101, a subsidiary of the eight sectors are banking, industrial, hotel, tourism, agricultural, investment, and insurance, in addition to communications.

Samson » June 21st, 2017

Infallible stresses the rebuilding of Al-Nouri mosque and the minaret of humpback as soon as possible

2017/6/22 8:36

President Fuad Masum strongly condemned on Wednesday the terrorist Daesh gangs blew up the historic lighthouse of humpback and Al - Nouri mosque in the great city of Mosul.

The infallible , according to a presidential statement , the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, "This retaliatory crime evidence near the final defeat of Daesh" stressing " the need to make every effort to reconstruct this religious and national historic immortal monument as soon as possible."

And in what was considered infallible, she said that " the feet of criminals Daesh this awful evidence of the barbaric mentality of revenge and mind deviant gangs Daesh and venom blind to all Iraqis , religious and historical heritage crime."

The President of the Republic , "our armed forces to expedite the completion of the heroic liberation of the city , " stressing " the rescue and protection of the population of Mosul civilians who have lived difficult circumstances and conditions under the yoke of a tragic Daesh terrorism.

Samson » June 21st, 2017

Sabri: Abadi tour has achieved regional successes

22nd June, 2017

Prime Minister's Office said on Thursday that "Abadi and his regional tour and the delegation laid important foundations for relationships and growing steadily in various political, economic and security fields."

The official spokesman Abadi Saad Sabri's office in a statement received «Journal News» "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his accompanying delegation returned to Baghdad after a successful regional tour, which included Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait, referring to the tour was the culmination of a political approach charted the Iraqi government in establishing external relations balanced based on the independence of the Iraqi decision and taking into account the mutual interests of Iraq and not to engage in the policy of axes or poles conflict.

He added that "the prime minister's visit came in response to an official invitation from the leaders of those countries addressed -swab vision of the Iraqi government in opening up to the countries of the region and the countries of the world in the interest of Iraq and enhance the prospects of cooperation between him and the various states and establishes coordination rules in the face of the dangers of terrorism and the challenges of extremism."

He noted that "the atmosphere of the meetings and the results of talks held by the Iraqi delegation in the three positive and constructive states and laid important foundations for relationships and growing steadily in various political, economic and security fields and promoted an atmosphere of confidence between Iraq and the countries of the region, where the governments of these countries have expressed serious desire and willingness sure to consolidate cooperation relations with Iraq and expand the horizons of mutual interests with him and showed a clear trend in the strengthening of security cooperation with Iraq during the coming period.

He said Sabri was quoted as saying that "the visit Abadi came as the commander of the armed forces and leader of the victorious country victorious succeeded in defeating terrorism in exceptional circumstances and limited potential free land of Iraq regained its towns one by one is weakness or complacency, was the choice of the timing of the visit - and Iraq and its people and his troops valiant about the liberation of Mosul Balkamil- is important and gave great weight to this round and strengthened Iraq's regional position and this has been evident through the large welcoming and very warm welcome that greeted the visit of the Iraqi delegation in the three countries,

He added: "The state leaders praised the role of Abadi and his successes in the management of the war against terrorism and state-building and national unity and adopt an approach nationally in dealing with the Iraqi people of all the ingredients, and expressed support for the Iraqi government and people and their keenness to preserve its unity and support its security and achieve stability and support for the efforts of the Iraqi government in the reconstruction and opening broad prospects and promising economic cooperation and investment activity between Iraq and the three countries and bless the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces on terrorism and appreciated the high feet, courage and sacrifices and the capabilities of Iraqi forces in the yolk Terrorism necktie.

Explains Sabri that "resulted in the positive results in various areas to confirm Iraq's return to the regional status usual and restore it to its active role and influential among the countries of the region and to prove that moderate wise policy pursued by the Iraqi government in regional and international relations and to move away from escalation and rhetoric convulsive is a viable policy opened broad prospects for positive relations with various countries where the focus on points of convergence with which many of these countries and seek to narrow the areas of disagreement with them and what reflects the wisdom of the state administration and statesmanship in dealing with regional countries, and not this policy

And the unity of Iraqis and their steadfastness in fighting terrorism and Antsarathm him when he returned Iraq to assume the proper position it between the countries of the region and the world and what countries returned to open up to Iraq and seek to establish better relations with him according to the foundations set by Iraq to build external relations that first and foremost respect for sovereignty and independence Alaqraralaraca.

He said to take into account Iraq's supreme national interest in the establishment of Iraq's relations with various countries of the region and the world, the Iraqi government to shoulder its responsibilities towards the security and stability of Iraq and the stability of the region and the world, the two that made Iraq departs from ditching with this or that party and his determination to stay in the middle area and at a distance one of everyone, not dragged into the rotation in the orbit of this or that country because we believe that the preservation of Iraq's security and stability which requires us not to be a party to regional conflicts drained the wealth and potential of the region while it should go to build the capacity of these countries and entitled Coordination aspirations of their peoples in the development and decent living. LINK

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Thurs. Morning - 6.22.17

This is a compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Thursday Morning, June 22, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts have been changed from top to bottom to bottom to top. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom to negate having to scroll down every time. ~ Dinar Chronicles


"Richard Support"

Entry Submitted by Adam at 10:23 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear Richard I think many Lightworkers do now support you and pray for you and you are not left alone in this fight.

Despite not everybody decide now to send their words of encouragement on this blog, I believe they do this in their hearts and minds ... SO DO I...

God with You


"I Stand with OWK"

Entry Submitted by CPA at 10:08 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I stand here with OWK.

He has brought nothing but benevolence to this site.

He has presented his information in a public format, using his own personal name on here. Good for him. He is doing for us what we may or may not be able to do and withstand.

Richard, keep up the great work, and if I can help, let me know.



Entry Submitted by Sharon at 10:06 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I stand with OWK sending you Love energy always!


Entry Submitted by Mahmi Shae at 9:58 AM EDT on June 22, 2017


I was horrified as I read your latest report. I am SO glad you are ok. I stand in support of you. I have grown beyond tired of the cabal...I am SO ready for the real change....the one this world can truly FEEL. I stand with you Richard. My daughter and I send you love.

Mahmi Shae

"Support for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Doug at 9:51 AM EDT on June 22, 2017


You have my full support in your effort to out the cabal operatives that are surfacing and showing their true colors. My heart tells me that what you say it truth and nothing but the truth. So I will stand with you in your quest to out these minions of the cabal. They have chosen their path. Sobeit. I for one do want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
In Love & Light,


"To: One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted by Mary at 9:27 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for a hedge of protection around you!!! You are very important to all of us and that is why you are targeted by the Cabal. I love your enthusiasm and your positive outlook on everything always working out no matter what attacks you get. You are an awesome person and I am very thankful for all that you have contributed to all of us at dinar chronicles.

Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers daily!!! Thank you for all that you do for the people. It is greatly appreciated!!! May the force be with you as Luke Skywalker would say!!!!


"Outlaw CC"

Entry Submitted by Ruby at 9:13 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Outlaw CC. Intel starts around 40:00. Includes VERY specific intel, detailing every step of the exchange process.

Worth listening to. Multiple intel sources. Explains the delays, too.



"Re: FYI"

Entry Submitted by Efa at 5:36 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"FYI" by Sunny1

Hello Sunny,i am sorry for what i wrote in my post you might have misunderstood me...I know we should be patient and keep on waiting but i have waited for years for this and i know the rest of you have been also waiting patiently,i am in a difficult situation myself and again i know many others might be in a simliar situation as me or even in a worse one,all i wanted to do was push this forward not to cause as social media storm about it,i am just trying to come with ideas so we can finally get our blessings and start to change our lovely Gaia.



"Re: Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" by Vanguard - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Vanguard at 10:25 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Hey OWK, I couldn't agree more. Why are people that ' stomp mud ' through this house tolerated? I understand all the freedom of speech ..people's rights etc etc.

This NOW is different, we have a planet to salvage and the damage and travail that the low vibration dark ones have wrent here on Earth is staggering. If anyone here thinks it is a joke, try loosing a child or your own life in the process!

Remind me here, have not many given their lives and risked all to allow you the breathtaking opportunity to redeem your currency?

You do not owe these cabal guys anything. Is the consensus here that we do not really know for sure so do nothing? Man. Well just let those WAY more informed than you and with greater powers of discernment do that for

I don't propose for an instant that running a site like this is in any way easy. However stop the mud or I propose OWK and Yosef and a couple of other brilliant posters begin on a new site with
NO cabal access at all. Simple.

This is tough love people. If we truly deserve the chalice being handed here to us. To Protect and rebuild a benevolent Earth for ALL kingdoms, ALL species and ALL humanity, we had better toughen up individually and as a group. The dark hats will give you no quarter NONE! So love them by giving them none and showing them the door. Light is the only path left in town, they either walk it with us or they don't.

Above all keep your vibration high.

Speak your truth, spread your light, heal the world.


"Another Message for Richard/OWK" by Harmony - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 10:18 AM EDT on June 22, 2017
Wow! So heartened to see so much wonderful support for you showing up so quickly. This demonstrates how dear you are to us all, how much you are valued for what you're doing. You are a treasure for us all, for all of humanity.

This will be bringing so much supporting and protecting energy to you, over and above the support and protection you're already received from the Galactics and those unseen Divine Beings of light.

I do hope that those energies and entities preying on you with harmful intent are seeing and feeling this amazing outpouring of love for you, and knowing that it is absolutely impossible for them to penetrate it, their vibrations are just too dense to be able to counter such beautiful love and light energy. There is no force stronger than love.

I continue to keep you wrapped up in golden white light, and am always here holding your hand, just reach out for it whenever you feel the need.

Much love, always, and so very many grateful thanks.

Harmony xxx

"Transparency Now, God Will Sort It Out" by Matt T - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Matt T at 10:15 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Reply to: Dinarland Status Report: Update 2

I give my 100% support to anyone and everyone who brings TOTAL TRANSPARENCY and TRUTH to us.



The Republic.



Let the truth be known no matter how ugly it may be.

No matter how disturbing it may be.

If we can’t deal with the truth then what chance do we have as species?

Our odds of survival are not good if we run and hide from the truth.

Just look at our overall global situation now for a great example of what ignoring, and not searching for the truth gets us.

Fixing humanity, fixing society, fixing the planet must have love, openness, truth, trust, transparency, and caring for all others as a firm unshakeable foundation.

Anyone that violates any of those is violating “do no harm”.

To me it’s a personal insult to be intentionally, maliciously lied to.

To be intentionally, maliciously misled.

It’s a form of disrespect.

It’s a form of harm.

We are all capable of rationally dealing with the truth.

We must have the backbone, the fortitude, and the resolve to both hear and to deal with the truth.

To convey what you believe or know is truth is to love.

But we also have the duty to discern truth from not truth.

We must be discerning.

In the end, God Will Sort It Out.

Will sort out the good from the bad.

God will elevate the benevolent.

God will deal with the malevolent.

God’s got our back.

So let ALL the truth be known and NOW.

For it really boils down to a matter of survival at the base level.

God Bless
Matt T

"I Stand with OWK" by CPA - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by CPA at 10:12 AM EDT on June 22, 2017
Isn't this interesting.

All these posts who stand for Richard, and yet some of the people have put down that they are negative posts.

I am calling out the people who are marking the posts in support of OWK / Richard as negative posts to explain yourself and use your real name on this sight. If you choose not to, don't worry, there is a way to track this, and to be able to know where you are located through pinging your computer and other more detailed processes.

Based on the information that we are at the end here, this is exactly what the Cabal wants, is for us to be divided.

So to those who mark them as negative, they must be a part of the dark, or the forces trying to stop all of this.

Let's get this done.


"Support for Richard/OWK" by Moe888 - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Moe888 at 10:08 AM EDT on June 22, 2017
"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

First of all, thank you very much to Patrick for hosting and maintaining the IDC. Much love and respects for you brother.

Having been in this journey since 2000 when I first got involved in one of the Wonder Boy heritages, I feel (and know) that we are very close to the starting point.

For this, I wish to thank Richard, OWK and Yosef and others whom my apology is extended for not mentioning them one by one, for their selfless and relentless love and efforts in maintaining our positive energies.

Woes to those who knowingly have been trying to pull down the positive energies particularly requesting us to be grounded. We are in believing and high expectation states prior to seeing our manifestation, so please stay away!

To those who unknowingly affecting our positive energies, please use your hearts mind not your brain to "discern". I forgive you and send you love and lights.

To my brother, Richard - OWK, I am with you and support you in combating and ousting the fear mongering individuals. I feel you and I am sending you love and lights and my gratitude and respects for your light works.

Stay strong brother!

Love and lights, Moe888

"Support to OWK" by TwinkleStar - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by TwinkleStar at 10:07 AM EDT on June 22. 2017

SUPPORT to OWK - RIchard !


"With All the Power of Light and the Will of God,

I command The Christ's Light for the Highest Universal Protection to OWK and all the LightWorkers and LightWarriors here in IDC!

And may all the dark Entities and dark cabal and their minions to be neutralized according to God's Universal Law in Christ!


God bless us all.

"A Few Quick Thoughts on the Status Report" by RT - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by RT at 9:56 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

You need a busload of faith to believe in the RV and NESARA, but I have that amount of faith and even have another busload coming up behind for all you have given and shared, indeed you command a lot of loyalty here and justly for your service, continued kind patience and positive vision.

As to the attacks I have two thoughts: terrible in the trauma involved for you and your partner, but marvellous in the overall result.

Two points have to be made. Would calling out people who you believe and are informed are c-bal in any way affect the attacks made on you – is there a connection?

The second point is this, say you started posting in that way again and even got certain ‘names’ banned. Well, these people don’t go into battle empty handed they will have loads of spare e-mail accounts so as soon as one ‘identity’ is lost another then another is called up and all of it ending up here either protesting what is going on or doing whatever you called out the last one on, till in the end IDC becomes a kind of cyber war zone with many of the posts being the fresh crop of hydra heads springing up while you take us through patiently identifying the previous days. I don’t know if this situation would evolve anywhere or help in any way but on the surface it looks like both tying up your time and ours needlessly.

I don’t know what the answer to the dilemma is but I think you can see it is not a simple one from the point of view of one supporting you but not wanting to spend too much time on the site, also the way things are moving it is quite possibly academic as the new wave of changes could be sweeping all these considerations away soon and replacing them with much more positive ones and then we would get to enjoy your updates etc and celebrate our presence in the new conditions generally on Project Disclosure. So perhaps the answer is patience - IDK.

It seems I am giving a bit of an unhelpful shrug here, but I hope it has been useful in some ways.

Good Luck, and please continue to share your wonderful posts, each one is both a tonic and a blessing. Thank you.


"Re: Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" by Pamela - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Pamela at 9:49 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Dear One Who Knows:

May the Light, Love, and Wings of the Angels continue to protect you. Your story reminds me of when Martin Luther King's house was blown up with his wife and baby still inside. Thankfully, no one was physically hurt because Coretta and Yolanda were in the back. King's response was to tell his story through the media. Immediately, the press picked it up and disseminated the information.

Similarly, I remember when David Wilcock found himself in a similar situation a few years back. He got on a radio show and told his story live. I was listening and a channeled entity named Allendale came on the radio and reassured David that the problem was being handled as they spoke and Allendale called out the Cabal, assuring them of their awaited fate.

My point is this, we are kept in the dark through blackouts. Thank you for telling your story, otherwise, how will we know how to respond? First, I didn't know that your articles were for the Cabal. I thought you were just gossiping, acting out upon your frustrations. I stopped reading those types of articles from you. Because of your first update and now this one, I know that you need even more support.

Second, in Bram Stoker's Dracula, they left Mina alone whom they were trying to protect and she nearly got turned into a vampire. Are the blackouts helping? Everyone seems to be left vulnerable. You're already in danger. John and Jane Q. Citizen are already in danger. You are on the front lines, but you have foot soldiers behind you waiting to get to work or working without proper tools.We are the light holders, but we're kept in the dark. Your updates can help us to help you. No matter what, you have my gratitude and my appreciation.

I will set my intention to shine my light even brighter, directing it to the hearts of the hidden Cabal so that alignment can take place, especially in surprising ways that no one can predict. Thank you for being on the front line for us.

In Light and Love,


"Message for Richard/OWK" by Harmony - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 9:26 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Dearest Richard,

I'm so so sorry to read about the attacks that have continued to be attempted on your physical person, and I thank all the Galactics that have been working so hard to protect you, as well as all the unseen Divine Beings of Light, and Prime Creator too. I pray that you continue to be fully protected, and all of us too.

I can't imagine how this must be affecting you, although I do certainly get a good sense of it from your writings.

There is something that confuses me though. I can't work out why not calling out those perpetrators by name on this website would be limiting the ability of your protective forces. Do they not already know who they are? Certainly from all you've written about them on this topic, that was my understanding. Why would naming them on this, or any other, website be helpful to the forces protecting you?

For my part, I shall continue to do what I've been doing quietly for a long time, to cleanse our planet and its environs of any remaining energies or entities with harmful intent to us, to transmute these energies, and to bring in more and more light.

Sending love and blessings to you, and continuing to pray for your safety.

Your soul sister, Harmony xxx

"OWK Cabal Attack" by Celeste - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Celeste at 9:23 AM EDT on June 22, 2017


As I read your post this morning fire ran through my veins. As we all know, the spirit of TRUTH has a ring that is unmistakable.

I stand UNITED with you against the cabal who for so many years have been allowed to kill and destroy human lives. They have dictated the rules and we, the innocents, have been forced to play by them. The time has come for us, the future leaders of our beautiful planet, to step up and command our power. The POWER OF ONE against their dark tricks and evil plots.

Right now I step into my DIVINE RIGHT and I say to them all:

CEASE AND DESIST for it is over!
We have called forth the divine spark within us and you are defeated!
You are powerless and must go from our new reality at this MOMENT!

Each morning before I arise I speak Psalms 91 over myself and my two sons and the extended members of my household. Today I have claimed you OWK into my household and by 6 am EST you will have these words spoken over your life DAILY.

Thank you for your truth and your service. You are loved…..


Psalm 91
1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”
3 Surely he will save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
4 He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
5 You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.
8 You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.
9 If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
10 no harm will overtake you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14 “Because he[b] loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15 He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.”

"Stand with One Who Knows Now" by StandUpGuy - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by StandUpGuy at 9:10 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

War on the Cabal

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Who would’ve thought that being part of the Dinar Chronicles family would bring each one of us to the coalface of conflict with the Cabal?

One of our family members has reached out to us all to tell his story of attempts being made on his life because of the nurturing he is doing to / for each and every one of us, preparing us for what lies ahead, getting us ready, equipping us for the hard yards we must travel so that we can truly enjoy the euphoria of the good yards and times to come.

He is in REAL DANGER family! WAKE UP!

So what are YOU going to do as part of his family and friends? Abandon him!? Just hang him out to dry? SHAME ON YOU COWARDS cringing in the dark corners of your “safe” nests; hidden away.

Richard (One Who Knows) has been a valued contributor in providing insightful material and delivering better understanding of things that will soon be our reality, and only with the best intentions of helping US ALL.

NOW he is calling for us to support him in calling out the Cabal who insidiously seek to dwell amongst us. As a family we must, without hesitation, stand with him to deal with pure evil. The Cabal seek to weaken us, by deception and stealth, fatigue, and whatever other means take their fancy.

Richard’s plea is simple: “I ask you to stand with me to call out these Cabal scum!!!! I need your support because I can't do this all by myself. Will you support me?”

What is required is that we stand with him. Do you, in mind and spirit?

He’s not asking that you STK the Cabal. He’s not asking that you personally meet Cabal in mortal conflict, or fight one-on-one with any of them. We are just asked to stand with him.

Richard has stated on many occasions that when someone is expected of being Cabal, that person is investigated and checked out by others skilled to do so. He suspects, refers to others’ judgement, and only if they advise him that the referred “someone” is Cabal does he call them out on this web site, our communal home, for our collective benefit. Who else does he tell? Only us! Why? Because he is our frontline protector!

I stand with Richard, which makes “THE OWK TEAM” stronger.

But what about YOU? VOICE YOUR OPINION, “YES” or “NO”, but no fence sitting, or absurdly placed with one foot in each camp!

Either you are demonstrably for the LIGHT AND SAY SO or you are, by default (silence) or by your personal declaration, for the DARK.

Show us all your true measure and inner self.


"Attempts on OWK's Life" by (Anonymous) - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:59 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

I cannot see the RV happening as long as the cabal keeps sending hit squads to try to take out OWK. They will keep sending squads for years, unless the Galactics proactively seek and destroy the cabal and remove them all. And I mean ALL of them. How many paid assassins are there in the world? Millions? As long as the Galactics respond to attacks reactively, the cabal will drag this out for a long time.

Because of free will, the Galactics and the company of heaven will not help us unless we ask. So I am asking for you to remove all the assassins for pay. The time for pussy-footing around is over.

This will not go unnoticed by the general public, but sobeit. It must be done.

"I Stand with Richard/OWK!" by Open Mind - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Open Mind at 8:47 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

OWK and Yosef are the best in Dinarland!!!

I am shocked that some of OWK correspondence was rejected on some artificial grounds.

Most DC people eagerly awaiting for news from these two info providers. And they (as everyone else) have every right to call that group of bastards - "Cabal". Probably some would like to name them"Dark Nobility?" I treat OWK as a real treasure for all of us waiting for his new info and demand that ALL his articles have to be published immediately!!

Open Mind

"One Who Knows and Boundaries" by (Anonymous) - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:41 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Good morning Dinar Community,

Well I have just read the post of One Who Knows about the different attacks that he experienced and I am very sad of that.

The OWK's mail make me think about a theme that I currently am dealing with, I mean boundaries. I always had some discomfort (and not taking clear decision) in setting clear boundaries as it seemed to create division and separation and not be a loving attitude. But I am feeling that in my case, there is still much shame for past life experiences that I had that must be cleaned, once for all. So, I apologize and ask for forgiveness if not being aware (or not wanting to being aware) I promote in a way the cabal's propaganda.

But maybe there is a turning point here and now on what is acceptable or not, what it means to put boundaries and how to act on ? Yes, where do we draw the line ?

Is it appropriate to communicate now on the details of the cabal's plan ? Yes. Is it appropriate to give names, places, situations ? Well, details so yes. This is quite strange that the last blog article from Lisa Renée talked about the divide and conquer tactics (her website

Does the Cabal used our heart abilities to divide us ? Of course.
Does the Cabal enough malevolent to divide us using this ? Sure.
Does the Cabal was warned if not returning to Light ? Yes.

So does Richard should communicate about what he deals with ? Definitely yes.

And I ask to our Mother/Father God to guide us through this.

I thank you for your kind attention.

"STATREP #2: Supporting OWK" by Star Gazon - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Star Gazon at 8:39 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

☆Gazon SUPPORTS Richard!!!

To say that I was appalled after reading "Own Who Knows", Richard's, StatRep Update 2 about certain parties' absolutely Disgusting behaviour would be thee Understatement of the Trillenium!


ANSWER Richard's CALL for Assistance by Taking a STAND here NOW PUBLICALLY on IDC !

Anyone can send glowing "Praise" when in "Serves" YOU!

This is Not about "You".
This is NOT about Richard.
This IS About OUR FUTURE !

I've got Three very Simple Rules that I Live & Die by:

1. Do NOT Mess w/my Family
(This INCLUDES "You" IDC ! )
2. Do NOT Mess w/my Friends.
(This INCLUDES Richard.
- Will you be Included?)
3. DO NOT MESS w/My Money!

What Rules Do "YOU" Live & Die by?

It has been said; 'If One does not stand for something, THEY WILL FALL for Anything'!

What & WHO Will Stand for ? ! ?

Is not, your self-determinism and your HONOR more important than your immediate life ?

I KNOW Richard's HONOR Takes TOP Ranking as DO Most of You !



And "I", my friends, do Not desire splinters up there and neither do you !


The ONE Who LOOKS BE'yond

Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

"To One Who Knows" by Desertjoan - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Desertjoan at 8:35 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

I stand with you! I pray for you, Sephora and the rest of us. I'm thankful the Galactics are able to help now. It seems it's getting out of hand I'm with you who let the trolls back in!

I'm so sorry for all you have gone through and so proud of your bravery to continue on and very grateful you are still here with us.

Apparently some do not understand "Do no Harm" and disregard your warnings.

May we all be blessed
I am very Grateful



"Re: Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" by Denis - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Denis at 8:30 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Hi Richard,

I got your back.

I’m grateful for your service to us all & call upon the Galactic Federation, Federation Forces and Forces of Light to keep you and all of us safe as well as arresting all known cabal operatives in all areas of life globally.

If we can call out spotted cabal & have them taken out or into custody by the Light Forces then surely we can call for the removal of all known operatives? I believe we now can.

Do harm to none is the golden rule so in this light the cabal certainly DO HARM so there is just cause.

How much harm and devastation has been done and continues to be done? This is no longer acceptable.

This is now a planet of light – the light is stronger here now than the darkness so we, the Light Forces, get to call the shots and I say let’s call for this and get this done.

I for one will scan for cabal postings and call them out whenever I’m able to from now on and I invite our Dinarland Family to join in.

All My Love


"Supporting OWK" by JC - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by JC at 8:09 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

To Richard

I try to avoid posting much since macmanderee (which turned out to be cabal. A big thank you for exposing him/her/it) that decided to shred my opinion to pieces with his/her/it twisted words. Even before that and now i havnt been much of a writer. I prefer to observe and learn. But your last post "status report update 2" i just had to write something in support of you. The fact that people even suggested keeping the cabal scum anonymous sickens me. Lets just think about this. They are the reason for our suffering on earth. Maybe not individually but as a whole they have managed to control the masses for their own benefit, somehow managed to convince us we are free in a world filled with rules and regulations. To the people who think its a good idea to keep the cabal anonymous, here is a short list of the crimes against humanity thanks to the CABAL: vaccines, suppressing real cures which results in the deaths of millions of innocent lives, suppression of free energy, false education, fluoride, chemtrails, poison in our food, the invention of money to control us, (which we will use against them) kidnapping and raping of children. The list is endless! And its horrendous to think some people actually want to keep these pricks anonymous. I for one think its a great idea to shoot these bastards on the spot. Theyve had it their way long enough now. Its our turn!
From here on out all cabal scum should be exposed and taken care of, ideally with a bullet. No more protection for them! You have my full support Richard, i just wish i could help more. I truly cant wait for the day theres no more CABAL SCUM!!



"Re: Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" by RawVegan13 - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by RawVegan13 at 7:45 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Dear Patrick,

I had a funny feeling that Richard was being censored from calling out the Cabal on IDC.

If what he is saying is true (which I believe it is), I am in total agreement that he should not be censored and stopped from calling out the Cabal members responsible for this.

Richard and Yosef are the two main people that I read on IDC. I do read some others too but generally skim over then briefly.

Without Richard and Yosef posting here, IDC would not be the same.

I normally like to stay neutral and not say much but on this occasion I choose to side with Richard, the New Republic Leadership, the light forces and galactics.

I guess others are going to be writing to you also regarding this, so this is my vote in favour of calling out the Cabal.

Having said all that I would like to express my gratitude to you Patrick for all the hard work that you are putting in to keep IDC going.

Raw Vegan 13

"Unwavering Support for Richard" by The Happily Ever After Agency - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Edward at 7:37 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Dear Richard ...

I Am SHOCKED at The Extreme Measures The cabal F***s Have Taken To Kill You .... They Are Vile and Evil and At This Stage Deserve NO MERCY .... They Know What a the Rules Are Now , They Have Been Informed Over and Over ....

The Gloves are OFF and They Deserve ALL That is Coming There Way ..... Humanity Can NOT Afford To Loose You or Any Other Person From THE FAMILY OF LIGHT ....

Galactic Federation , THANK YOU for Looking After Richard ... He Is LOVED and Cherished By US ALL ...... Thank You Brave Forces of The Light ....

Richard You Will ALL Ways Have My Unwavering Support as They Have Taken This TOOOOO Far.

cabal Go Climb in a Deeeep Hole and F***ing Dieeeeee .....

I Accept Responsibility For MY Words ....

NO MORE . NO MORE . NO MORE . cabal BACK THE FUCK DOWN .... You Deserve What's Coming Your Way ....

CALL OUT WHO EVER YOU WANT Richard , WE Are Behind YOU ......

An Atack On One of Us is a Atack On Us ALL ......

Take Them ALL DOWN Galactics , Humanity Has Had ENOUGH of This Evil Any Where On OUR MOTHER EARTH ...

Richard Be Safe and KNOW WE SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY .............


"Re: Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" by Angel Gee - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Angel Gee at 7:17 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

To All....
I don't profess to know who Cabal or Cabal minions are, but it is completely wrong for OWK'S (Richard) life to be constantly attacked because he is trying to protect the masses. How does that make sense to anyone?!

We have a right to know who is who!! If those who say they are NOT CABAL, are Not CABAL, then proving that should not be a problem and they would also openly support OWK efforts to keep us all informed and safe.

I don't understand why that isn't simple common sense!! If those who are NOT Cabal they don't have anything to worry about!!

Thank OWK for taking a stand on our behalf. I send Love and light to all of the light workers that are trying to rid this world of EVIL.

Keep vibrations high& keep holding the Light of Love. We are almost there!!!

Humble Servant,
I Am Angel Gee

The Group via Barbara for June 22, 2017

The Group via Barbara, June 22nd, 2017

From the group with love.

Greetings from Home, dear ones

We join you this day watching from afar. We must say first of all, we are so incredibly proud of the work that you are doing, of the energy that you have brought to this beautiful game of free choice. Humans are absolutely astounding.

First, know that you have done well. Many of you are so incredibly interested in all the details—how many times have I incarnated on Earth? What have I done before? Where is my energy now? Dear ones, you already have all of that information. You are what is important now; what you bring to life by looking at it, what you work with, and at this point your energy is starting to really accelerate. Now we have shared much of the information about the proverbial line in the sand, the 50-year mark that is remaining on the timeline of planet Earth. That does not mean that humanity will end; what it means is that humans will change form in some fashion—all of you. But you have been doing that anyway, have you not? You have been stepping toward light body, elevating your spirit and the Earth. The challenge here is that you have been trying to measure the Earth as a rising vibration. Even the Schumann resonance had a new high recently and everyone was very joyous that things were getting better. And then we sort of dropped a bomb by stating that, in fact, from the Earth’s perspective she is transitioning.

Planet Earth is Transitioning

We have used a lot of different words to explain this, including “dying.” She is certainly on what you would call a death cycle but nothing ever truly dies, dear ones. Energy only transforms from one form to another. As you now look at Mars, you can see that she lost her magnetosphere some time ago. That is the magnetic protection that keeps everything at a distance and allows for the creation of the ozone layer that she had in the past. It is fascinating to see that the cycle of planet Earth is reaching the end. It does not mean she will die, but it means that she will go through a transition. Most of the forms of light that are currently here may not go through the transition the same way that Earth will.

When you look at Mars, you think of that as a dry, desolate planet lacking the water that is so necessary for life to exist. However, that is not true. What you will also find is that Mars had and still has water, but by losing the magnetosphere it allowed the solar winds to come in and basically wipe the planet’s surface clean. As you discover even more about the cosmos, the worlds around you, and your human experience you will learn much more in the years ahead. Watch in amazement, for this is actually why you placed yourself here at this time. You are a transition expert, even though you may not realize that or have the calling deep in your heart. In truth, there was a long line of spirits waiting to come in. We have told the story once before and we would like to share it again now so you will understand.

The Grand Meeting of all Spirits after Atlantis Sank

You see, dear ones, there came a time when Atlantis sank. Yes, it really happened and right after that time stopped for the very first time in human history on Earth. Then a grand meeting of all spirits who were involved in any part of it came together on the other side of the veil. Discussions took place and everyone wondered, “What did we do wrong? How can we correct that? How can we change for this the next time?” Yes, dear ones, there is always a next time so never forget that. During this grand meeting certain things were decided, such as if planet Earth ever reached such a level where humans could actually make a difference then the people would start coming in with the information necessary to make the transition occur smoothly and comfortably. And with that a long line formed in heaven, what we call Home. All these beings lined up hoping to have an incarnation, waiting to have an opportunity saying, “I can make a difference right now.” I know this is my calling…” and they would feel it in their heart to jump in this long, long, long line. It was fascinating to us.

Then something happened that bears repeating because you see, dear ones, on the other side of the veil you are not burdened with egos the way that you are weighted down with them here. In truth, you feel each other; you connect with each other in entirely different ways. Although you are actually a part of each other the same way that you are here on Earth, you cannot feel it. Something happened in the beautiful line. The first person in line turned around and looked at the person behind him, number 2 and realized, “You know, you have the opportunity to make more of a difference than I do. Why don’t you step forward in the line and I will take the next place back.” Then an entire series of re-arrangement of this line took place. That way the highest vibrations of beings coming into this planet could be here to make a difference, to shift and change the energy, and to work with it. There were no egos involved. Quite simply, everyone wanted the very best and that is what took place so here you are.

Let the Incarnations Begin!

Those of you who moved to the front of the line made it to Earth specifically with a reason to be here at this very moment. You made it Home. And now what is going to take place is that many of you will be re-membering, even if you have not before. You will start re-membering your power, your nature, and your gifts. In those you will find the confidence and certainty that this is what you came for, this beautiful celebration of light. So, let the incarnations begin. Although at one point, everything seemed as if it was going to reach that same level of vibration yet surpassed it. Many of you arrived en masse and had a major baby boom on your planet. Of course, as time went forward you grew up. When you could finally take the veils off and re-member who you were, many of you were well into your teens and 20s. So, you had a grand party that you called it the ‘60s. You are here now, working through all of this.

We also tell you that the process did not stop there. A refreshment of that line has been continually coming in since that point, which is why many of the highest vibration beings with gifts had to go Home early. They had to do so to become part of that line, to be here at just the right age and time to make a difference on this evolving planet. Do not be melancholy, dear ones, for this is not a sad situation. Instead, it is a joyous reminder of who you are and what your gifts are. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.


Greetings, dear ones. I am Em and I join you this day for a very specific reason.

All of planet Earth is in the process of balancing in a new way. That is my specialty—balancing. I balanced what you call the sexual energy of masculine and feminine together as one to have the full aspect and vibrational reach, to better understand your situations at this time. Dear ones, let us first address what is happening with the planet herself. She is on a cycle and timeline that is very individual to her. It does not mean you have failed, dear ones, so please keep that in mind for it is absolutely not true. Nor does it mean that everything is going to end, because everything has a season on your side of the veil. On your side of the veil all things must be finite in some way, each carrying a little imperfection. Therein lies the beauty and fascinating aspect of the game you are playing. Never think that this was wrong or a failure in any way, for that is simply not true. In reality, had the Family of E not come together at exactly the right time you would not have passed that mark of 2012. Yet, here you are. Oh yes, we know, many of you expected to step into heaven at that point getting rid of all your day-to-day problems inherent in being a human. In some ways, dear ones, you did. Perhaps you have a different perspective on that shift, because you did such an incredible job. We tell you also, there is a small baby boom going on.

A Babyboom of the Family of E

It was not that long ago that we brought the Family of E together in a physical location. Not all of them, of course, but those who could break free and be in that particular session. We did something rather unique: we declared the Rights of Spirit for human rights. These are well-known for much of the Family of E is all about the balancing of human rights and equal rights, which is why I address you today. But it is much more, considerably deeper, than you originally thought. You are spirits and you have done this before, which is why we are here to help you re-member. We are not here to teach you, for you are masters in your own right. You have taken off your wings to come play the game of pretending to be human inside a bubble of biology, which is absolutely imperfect and has a timeline. You are here as spirits and the Family of E has gathered in massive ways. Only a couple of years ago when you gathered in that place called Arizona, someone asked the question in live channel to us, “How many of the Family of E are here on Earth?” We told them that roughly under a million at this time were on Earth, which was incredible because the room of course only had a couple hundred people. There were many beings on Earth that had that bent as a spirit and had those answers; it was incredible. Today it is almost 1% of your population and we hope you do the math, because that would confirm for you that there is a massive baby boom of the Family of E. Whether you wish to call that Empowerment, Evolution, or any of the other “E” words there are, the most important part is to know that you have help; it is already on its way.

You Have Help

Although it has to go through a time cycle to reach the levels, it is absolutely something to look forward to and welcome these beautiful beings in. Many carry the indigo or crystal vibration, with all sorts of new attributes that are needed during these transitionary times. You not only have guidance from those, but you also have help from your original parental races that have been watching this game unfold with great pride. You, dear ones, are the stars. You are the highest vibration that has ever lived anywhere, and have now superseded even the vibrational status in the days when the Lemurians ascended. That is what you will do and it is exactly what took place before. Yes, we know your books and channels talk about Lemuria sinking. Although the actual land mass did sink, the Lemurians ascended. Are you getting an idea of what is coming? You have been preparing for it a very long time, so let us share with you some good news.

First of all, the baby boom. Huge, absolutely wonderful. Many of you have worked your way into a parental situation where you can help guide, making a safe space for them to emerge and take their power. This is absolutely incredible and needed during these times. We also mentioned that your parental races are watching, but can they simply come down and swoop you up? No, it will not work. That is not the nature of the game which you have helped to design. In truth, you will do this on your own but so many channels are opening now. So many beings are coming in to help, share ideas, and to plant seeds in very fertile ground. These are beautiful, wondrous times. Let us also speak of your great hope. As you evolve and your brain continues to grow along in harmony with your heart, you have new capabilities. Now you can see things that were right in front of you before, even though you could not see them.

New Technologies

You are starting an entire new life cycle right. One of the areas that this will appear in involves your areas of technology. There are many things that have already been discovered, which are working their way into your practical use and daily life.. You will find new discoveries every single day. Many of them will jump the normal tracks and most of the time, you have to go here to gain an understanding then talk to the public about buying it. You are going to find shortcuts to reach people, for you already hold much of what is needed now. Oh yes, you may not know it but all that is truly needed is to give your spirit permission to re-member. That is very beautiful. All the wisdom of the universe, rather than knowledge, is accessible to each and every one of you. You have learned to listen to yourself in new ways. Five or six decades ago, you would not have been able to hear our voices because your vibration was not high enough. Now, you are going to start having direct communication through many people in different ways. You will have opportunities to see your own reflection of beauty and power, along with the re-minders of Home.

Take a breath, and on the exhale, give yourself permission to re-member. The technologies that are coming in will help to change your world and shift the energy in many ways. Was this originally the time-frame for planet Earth? No, dear ones, it was not. Your industrial revolution, pollutants in the air and dis harmonies with the Earth herself have brought this forward. Currently you have about 50 years to work with the Earth in the state that she is. We tell you that with full understanding that you are creator beings. Does that mean you can change the timeline of planet Earth? Somewhat, but in truth she is going through a normal, reset cycle that has been done five times before. This was to be the sixth and final time, although that still remains to be seen as well. There is so much that can happen here and the technologies have been dropped in place to help make these transitions easier.

The Next Four Years are Critical in Setting the Timeline for Planet Earth

Here you have been working with your spirit to raise your vibration. Raising the vibration of everything in your reality, yet over here you work with the hard science that has no faith, only proof. What if those two came together to meet in a new way? We have vowed never to do that, for these over here do not understand all of this aspect. Now you have a new motivation, do you not? There is a line in the sand. Although it is movable slightly, you are roughly 1,000 years ahead of schedule due to the pollutants and the dis harmonies with Earth. Now along that same vein, the next four years are going to be very critical in setting that timeline and putting forth everything that can be done in harmony with the Earth. Whether it is buying an electric car or simply connecting with the Earth, working with her from your heart, watching the carbon count yourself, changing things that you know are out of harmony. Every part that you can do over the next four years will have a ten-fold effect. In these ways you will have definitely set and determine the end days of planet Earth.

She is going to continue to live, dear ones, she will not split apart or return to the dust from which she was formed. Earth will still be alive, of course. However, it is the life forms on Earth that will probably not make this transition, given the state that you are currently in. But have you not been raising your vibration so much? Yes, and that is why. You are stepping right out of one situation into another. We ask you to keep in mind that you have done this before, not only on other planets but even during Lemuria. Before the sinking of the land mass, Lemurians ascended and they are still there waiting to greet all of you and to help you. The technologies that have fallen into place are fascinating. You have physical restrictions and the laws of physics that you have placed on your game board. Now even that will be changing slightly.

You have learned to do something very fascinating, which is to make a material that is only one atom thick. One of the major substrates being used for this is graphite, specifically the substance called graphene. Very strong, powerful and effective. One small piece of graphene can take the salt out of water. It can be made into something so light yet incredibly strong. Graphite is only one of the first substances they are working with for this. What if you could make a rocket ship that only weighed six ounces, or one full size? Would that not change some of the energies and possibilities of taking a look at your Earth? What if you could do that with your automobiles? Then your automobiles would not weigh as much as the passengers inside? Would that not save on gas and carbon emissions? Yes, absolutely. All of these technologies are here and the more that you can integrate over the next four years will be absolutely critical in determining exactly where this line in the sand is drawn. We also tell you, dear ones, it is not possible to go backwards. You are going forward and bring so much with you. You have been going through the grief for some time, but do not lose sight of the fact that you are here on this Earth right now and that means you had a contract for it. You have something to do, your mission is to bring in a piece of wisdom. That piece is absolutely necessary and many of you know exactly what that is, for you have already been working in those directions. Keep your confidence high to allow you to feel who you truly are, and keep focusing on moving forward.

New Materials

You can gain the ability to draw on the strength of your spirit through the physical body, which will be more important than ever before. Not only is graphene a substance that can make everything lighter and stronger, it also happens to be a semi-conductor with very unusual properties. In the very near future it will be replacing the hearts of all of your computers. You are now carrying what used to be big-box computers around in your phones. Well, your phones are not actually phones; they are a program you run on a phone in a small computer. Soon they will be even smaller and will become a part of your life in a different way. They can also help to greatly reduce carbon emissions and your effectiveness on this planet. Yes, so much is taking place, but above all do not forget the ceremonies. When one of you and creates a ceremony with only 5 or 10 people around the Earth to connect her heart to yours, you have unbelievably profound effects. These ceremonies will be needed during these wonderful times of transition, and perhaps it is why you are here in the first place. Know that your energy is needed on this Earth at this time, and much more of what you have set about to do is making space on the planet for that to happen. We ask you not to doubt yourselves. You are creator beings with the greatest of strengths. Can you imagine what happens when a creator being doubts himself/herself? It sets up a cycle of negativity which is very difficult to break free of. Give yourself a break and when you do not have that confidence, just sit down and take three simple breaths. We will help you re-member because that is the time to awaken from the dream. It is the time to re-member what we put in our path, because now is the time to set it into motion.

Enjoy this journey, dear ones. Although you see difficulties ahead, many of you see the challenges and, of course, the sadness changing your evolutionary cycle from Earth. Wait until you see what is coming, for it has never been done like this before. You have been through many cycles on many planets but this one is new. Trust that you are going to be so incredibly overjoyed at what you are about to create on this Earth.

Take the challenge. Know that you were brought to the front of the line for a very specific reason and take pride in that. You are here and that will help you re-member.

It is with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that I, Em, greet you in these ways. All of you have been working on balancing the masculine and feminine and that is so incredibly powerful during these times. And we love you for it. Keep up the good work. Know that we are watching just over your shoulder along with so many countless others. You, Earth, are the center of the universe right now. All eyes are upon you and we are very proud of that because we have the best people on the job.

It is with the greatest honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together. I am Em.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”.

Source: Sananda Website


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